जाइकाका पदाधिकारीहरुसंग भेटघाट तथा छलफल । Indo-Nepal Trade and Investment Promotion विषयक गोष्ठी सम्पन्न । एपीएल सिपिङ्ग कम्पनीका Head of Commercial Thakur सँग भेटघाट । हल्दिया डक कम्प्लेक्ससँग वीउवासङ्घको छलफल सम्पन्न
Objectives & Organization
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Organizational Structure of BiCCI

Protect and promote trade and industry of Nepal.

Develop and Establish unity and friendly goodwill among traders and industrialists.

Develop and maintain relationship with the government and help to promote economic development of the country.

Establish close relationship with national and international chamber of commerce and industries, other institutions and trade promotion organizations.

Publish papers and Periodical Bulletins to disseminate chamber's activities to the general public.

Mediate in case of disputes between employers and employees as well as incase of industrial and trade disputes.

Issue certificate of origin measure, weight, quality of the products manufactured in the country.

Conduct trainings, seminars, research in the field of trade and industry.

Provide Business Informations to business partners.