उपभोक्ता सम्बन्धी गोष्ठी तथा कार्यशाला सम्पन्न । एपीएल इण्डियाले नेपालमा कन्टेनर सेवा प्रदान गर्ने । वी.म.न.पा.का प्रमुख प्रशासकीय अधिकृत डा. भूषालसँग भेटघाट तथा छलफल । कर शिक्षा तथा अन्तरक्रिया सम्पन्न । पूर्व परराष्ट्र मन्त्री एवम् नेपाली कांग्रेसका सहमहामन्त्री डा. प्रकाशसरण महतसँग भेटघाट । वीउवासङ्घद्वारा प्र.भ.अ. पोखरेलको बिदाई । वीउवासङ्घ अध्यक्ष शर्मा र भारतीय यातायात मन्त्री गडकरीबीच भेटघाट । प्रादेशिक आर्थिक नीति विषयक अन्तरक्रिया सम्पन्न । वी.म.न.पा.को अनुचित करविरुद्ध वी.उ.वा.संघ । पेशा पहिचान सम्बन्धी कार्यशाला गोष्ठी सम्पन्न । वातावरण प्रदूषण नियन्त्रण सम्बन्धी अन्तरक्रिया सम्पन्न ।
Skill Training
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Skill TrainingName of skills training : Arc welder L-1

Short introduction of skill training.

Welding can trace its historic development back to ancient times. The earliest examples come from the Bronze Age. Small gold circular boxes were made by pressure welding lap joints together. Different types of welding works now a day, arc welding L-1(CETVT/NSTB curriculum) is one of them. It is basic skill training that makes trainees capable for fundamental task of these skills, such as selecting and preparing metal by cutting, trimming and shaping, setting the arc welding machine, operating welding machine.

MEDF conducted RMA from well trained enterprise service provider for arc welder L-1 before selecting the trade for training. The study has shown high demand of skill worker in this trade. Man are mostly come from India in this trade and earn a lot of money, so because Nepalese are interested in this sector and they are madhesi, Janjati and dalit communities. The construction work and industrialization are increasing day by day. Similarly, the arc welder the demand of welding industry is increasing. Therefore, employment opportunity with arc welder skill is very good inside the country and abroad also. The skill training in arc welder has chances for both type of employment. ; Self-employment and wage employment as well.