List of Chairperson & Co-Chair of Various Committee

S.No. Name of Committee Chairperson 


Co-Chair E-Mail
1. Certificate of Origin (CO) Committee Anil Kr. Agrawal      
2. Advisory Committee Dr. Subodh Kr. Gupta      
3. Industry Committee Hari Pd. Gautam      
4. Commerce Committee Madhav Rajpal      
5. Employers Committee Manoj Kr. Das      
6. Safer Birgunj Committee Manoj Kr. Das      
7. Tax & Revenue Committee Shivjee Pd. Sah      
8. Building Construction & Maintenance Management Committee Deepak Tibrewal   Niraj Agrawal  
9. Customs & ICP/ICD Transportation Coordation Committee Sushant Chachan   Hemant Baid  
10. Hotel & Tourism Anoj Rungta   Hari Pant  
11. Bank, Financial Institution & Insurance Committee Niraj Agrawal      
12. Capital & Stock Market Murli Jalan      
13. Micro Enterprises Development Fund (MEDF) Arbindra Amatya      
14. Health Committee        
15. Games Committee Saurabh Kedia      
16. Fair, Exhibition & Expo Committee Rabindra Kr. Baranwal   Naresh Tibrewal  
17. Retail Trade Committee Prem Chandra Goyel      
18. Import, Export & Investment Promotion Committee Suresh Rungta      
19. Agriculture Promotion Committee Tara Prasad      
20. Training & Workshop Committee Anup Agrawal      
21. Innovation & Startup Committee Shubham Khandelwal      
22. Greater Birgunj Committee Govind Shah      
23. International Relation Expantion Committee Anil Kr. Agrawal      
24. Education Committee Awadhesh Kr. Sarawagi