Safer Birgunj


Safer Birgunj is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Birgunj Chamber of Commerce & Industries in partnership with the Birgunj Metropolitan City, local administration, and esteemed security agencies. The primary objective of this initiative is to create a safer and more secure environment for the people of Birgunj by maintaining peace and security in the city.

Safer Birgunj is actively involved in installing a network of CCTV cameras throughout Birgunj. These cameras serve as a crucial tool for surveillance, crime prevention, and the quick resolution of security-related incidents. The organization has established a control room on the premises of the District Police Office in Parsa. Banks, finance companies, and insurance companies have played a vital role in funding the CCTV project. Their support has been instrumental in the successful implementation and expansion of the project. The Safer Nepal project has successfully installed and is currently operating more than 250 CCTV cameras strategically placed across the city which is providing a commendable effort in enhancing security and safety in the city.