MEDF denotes for Micro Enterprise Development Fund. Micro Enterprise Development Fund (MEDF-Parsa) is a non-profit making organization. The purpose of the fund is to avail easy approach through skills to enterprise services for informal sector micro entrepreneurs of this region with their demand by Micro Enterprise Development Fund (MEDF) through qualified professional Enterprise Service Providers (ESP). The major stakeholders are Birgunj Metropolitan City ,Birgunj Chamber of Commerce & Industries, N.P.L. welfare organization Cottage and Small Industries Office, Parsa as invited member which is technically backstopping MEDF.

It is functioning in the area of Micro Enterprise Development in order to uplift the economic status of deprived, disadvantaged, indigenous and religious minorities' populace (women and men) of Nepal; primarily in the district of Parsa by helping to increase income and employment opportunities in urban and rural areas through Enterprise Service Provider (ESP).

Who are the Target Groups?

- Including him/herself or family member with waged labour up to 5 persons employed entrepreneurs of informal sector.

- Potential micro entrepreneur viz. Skill/technical training obtained persons, working in other business, unemployed/partially employed youth women and men but wish to establish their own business.

- Women/men, who want to do enterprise work in group, e.g. organized groups from other organization for defined purposes, Self help groups, producer groups, etc.

Staff, Secretariat and Steering Committee

There is only one staff, i.e. secretary that is functioning overall responsibilities of MEDF. The secretariat is at the premises of Birgunj Chamber of Commerce & Industries in Birgunj. The operating and programme cost have been afforded by the fund. The member of steering committee are (1) Mr. Arbindra Amatya (President – BiCCI), (2) Mrs. Pratigya Baidh (Member-BM), (3) Mr. Manoj Upadhyay (invitee Member-BiCCI), (4) Mr. Sunil Rauniyar (Invitee Member-S_rojgar fund) and, (5)Prem Chandra Prasad as secretary of MEDF.

Service Delivery

MEDF-Parsa has delivered basically two types of programmes, i.e. one with regular planning funded by its stakeholders viz. Birgunj Metropolitan City, BiCCI and NPL welfare organization. The regular services provided to SYOB/GED and skills Product Sub-Contrating clients (PSC). The regular services are fundamentally of two types again: Basic enterprise service and Specific enterprise services.

The specific enterprise services are also formulated for basically SYOB and GED clients. This types of services are offered on rigorous assessment of clients need and their demand. The specific services are demanded in fact after completion of entrepreneurship orientation under the capacity building of clients. This service primarily composes of 3 types of services, i.e. market and marketing, skill impartation and technology transfer.

On the other hand, the entrepreneurs involved in manufacturing or assembling business are supported by skill transfer. These services are Business to Business (B2B) which model is very successful to provide skill to a very small group of trainees/entrepreneurs. B2B package support skill transfer for 3-5 beneficiaries in a group. Likewise, MEDF Parsa believes transferring new skill and quality improvement is important in order to create self employment.

Product Sub-contracting Services

MEDF Parsa has been providing even skill based self employment services under product sub-contracting (PSC). The FUND has provided PSC services to 150 to 200 clients in the several rural and urban market center of Parsa. Basically, MEDF provided skill for Advance Fashion Designer, Garment, A.C. Refrigerator repairs, electrician, solar installer and repairs, plumber. Welders, Barber, and as for demand.

वीरगञ्ज उद्योग वाणिज्य सङ्घ–लघु व्यवसाय विकास कोषको आयोजनामा १५ दिने लेडिज जुत्ता बनाउने तालिम सोमवारदेखि सुरु भएको छ । कोषका अध्यक्ष अरविन्द्र अमात्यको अध्यक्षतामा भएको तालिमको उद्घाटन समारोहलाई सम्बोधन गर्दै वीरगञ्ज उद्योग वाणिज्य संघका अध्यक्ष अनिल कुमार अग्रवालले महिला सशक्तीकरणका लागि सीप सिक्न अपरिहार्य रहेको बताए ।